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Our “Yes, Seriously!” Guarantee

You might be thinking, “Hey, #SOCIALIMPULSAR… are you for real?”

Look, we get it. With firms charging as much as $498 for 12 posts a month (yes, we have actually seen that), starting from $96 may seem too good to be true.

Rest assured – there are no hidden fees, no price increases, and no “cheap for the first 3 months and then twice as much for the next 2 years”. The price really does start from $96 a month. We work on volume and quality. We count on keeping our clients for a long, long time.

Try us or Get a refund!

We are pretty confident you will love our social media marketing strategy. After all, we are offering quality, consistency, responsiveness and peace of mind, all at a seriously sweet price. What is not to love? However, if you are not satisfied with what we are doing for any reason, we have got you covered. Simply cancel your service within the first 14 days and we will refund your money.

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